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This is an optical scopeWhen it comes to hunting using a gun scope can increase your accuracy at longer ranges. Here we are going to share the different types of hunting scopes there are depending on the kind of gun or crossbow you are using. Without further due, below we go into detail of each type of scope.

Rifle Scopes

Rifle scopes of your most common type of scope for a gun. Depending on the caliber of your rifle is how you should choose the scope and magnification. For instance, if you’re buying a .22 rifle and need a scope you would want to choose a lower magnification scope than if you were buying one for a .50 caliber rifle. Having a more high powered rifle scopes with a .50 just make sense because if can shoot much further and much more accurately. There no need to spend $100’s of dollars on a high powered rifle scopes for a low caliber rifle. At that point you would just be waste your money and not getting the full performance due to lack of rifle power.

Shotgun Scopes

These types are scopes are nice for deer hunting and turkey hunting. They give you a slight advantage when taking a shot and hitting your target dead on. You can either get a bead sight or even people like to use the reflex/red dot scope with shotgun because they don’t have a lot of range and you can quickly focus in on your target at the perfect range. I would high recommend a reflex sight if you plan on using and shotgun and hunting turkey or deer. You won’t see a huge difference, but a noticeable one for sure.

Pistol Scopes

When searching for a pistol scopes you can go a few different ways because of the variety of scopes available. For high caliber pistol that you might use for hunting you can get a scope similar to a rifle scope that are called compact scopes. These are smaller and lighter-weight scopes that were made for large caliber pistols. If you plan on hunting and shooting 50-100 yards if you’re powerful handgun then I would suggest a compact scope. However, if you have small caliber pistol like a glock and just plan on using if for the gun range then I would suggest something like a red dot sight. They work great for smaller caliber guns and the weights of these sights are barely even noticeable.


The most important thing about picking a new scope is the caliber of the gun and matches the proper magnification. The last thing you want when choosing a new scope is to have a underpowered rifle scope that doesn’t keep up with your rifle. I would also recommend checking out sites like Amazon and eBay where you can find the same scopes in store for cheaper online. However, it usually takes 2-5 days to receive your item online but if you’re a patient person and looking to save a few bucks then shop online.

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