Preparing for deer hunting season

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Preparing for deer hunting season

For all deer lovers, the off-season months can be torturous and on the other hand, there is no better day than the opening day for the season. Opening day for a new deer hunting season always give you a crisp and exciting feeling.

As a deer hunter, the off season should be well spent with making all the necessary preparations for the new season. The preparations you do during the off season can greatly determine your success in the coming season. They can determine your chances of bagging that giant buck or going back home empty handed.

It is advisable to spend sometime during the off season to strategize on how you intend on hunting when the new season begins. You do not want the new season to be full of pleasing series of long walks in the woods with the best crossbow on your back. You want it to be successful and you also want to bring home evidence of a great hunt.

Being prepared, pays off a lot. Have you ever realized that forgetting the small things you may need for hunting is more common than forgetting the big things? Things like medication and certain food stuff can be easily forgotten. This is why early preparation not only for a hunting strategy but also for the small things you will need is very important.

Good preparation can never be over emphasized when it comes to deer hunting. But what exactly does this preparation entail. The following five simple tricks will help you prepare for deer hunting season with a lot of ease.

Have a Strategy

For you to be successful in your hunt, you will need a strategy. You will need a plan that will guide you on the terrain that you will take while hunting. Some of the preparations that you will have to make when it comes to strategy include;

Familiarizing yourself with the turf.

You will need a map to help you get to know the area the hunting will take place. You can get a topographical map for this purpose. Besides these maps, Google maps are also available for printouts. To make the map last longer, you can cover it with a transparent plastic sleeve which is available in the school supply section of your local department store. This will help in keeping the map in good condition because the plastic will shield it from snow and rain.

Familiarizing yourself with the tuff will help you stay oriented to the areas where you will be hunting and also keep you from getting lost.

Be able to navigate the turf.

This can only happen with the aid of a compass. You will need one or even two when the season starts. Why do you need two, you ask? Simple, one may get lost and you will obviously need another one. It is a wise idea to go into an unfamiliar place with more direction finding equipment than you may think you need.

Learn the turf beforehand

If you are a doctor, you never learnt the real thing until the day you first practiced it. The actual grounds can be very different from what you see in the map. You really don’t know the grounds until you have walked them and oriented yourself with them.

You can choose to have a professional guide you on the turf or you can do it by yourself. A professional guide will guide you through the terrain and show you how to get in and how to get out of the hunting area. If you choose to do it by yourself you will need to visit the area once or twice before the hunting season starts. During this time, you should learn how to get in and out of the area. You should also look for alternative routes to getting in and out of the area.

Check the regulations

The hunting regulations may sometimes change and it is important to keep yourself updated on things like this. As much as you are an experienced hunter, you need to check the regulations before every season starts so that you do not find yourself in trouble with the law. Before the new hunting season starts, check your state fishing and game agency website for any revised regulations or call the agency and have them send you a copy.

Take hunter education and buy your hunting license

Do not wait till the last minute for you to get your hunting license. Do this early to avoid last-minute scrambling. If you are a new hunter you should be aware that you will need a license and the only way to get one is to get hunter education. If you are new, you can get training from online courses then proceed to getting your license early in advance.

Check your gear

You need to gather all your gear and check what needs replacing. You then have to replace all worn and damaged gear not forgetting to replace any worn out hunting clothing. You can put on your deer hunting camouflage so that you check what fits you and what does not. After replacing what does not fit you, wear and break it in before the new season starts.

New hunting gear emerges every now and then. It is also important that you check out the major websites in order for you to learn what new gear is available to help you get that big Buck.

You can also check on the internet for new deer hunting tips.

Food plots and trail cams

Hunting preparations is not all about the gear and turf, you also need to place trail cams to help you spot the deer’s early in advance. You can be able to see the deer of your dreams before you actually see it in real life. A few years back, hunters used to rely on scouting and luck when hunting. Things have changed now and trail cams can be able to show a hunter the travel patterns of a deer and its habits making finding and trailing the deer easier than before.

Food plots on the other hand may entail a lot of work but the results may really payoff. Deer’s are in constant need of food just like all creatures. Preparing a food source for the deer may lead to a successful hunt in the end.

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