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Crossbows can be extremely expensive and should be protected by a case whenever possible. The sport of crossbow hunting requires the hunter to travel deep into the woods in order to find a target. Needing to get close means that you will need to travel that much more in search of a shot. This can do a number on crossbows if you do not protect them accordingly.

Crossbow cases are also used to protect your crossbow when it storage or when traveling. You don’t want an expensive crossbow bouncing around with the rest of your hunting supplies in the back of your pickup truck. You also don’t want your crossbow to sit exposed in your garage for heavy objects to fall on and crush

Hard or Soft Cases?

Soft Plano Crossbow Case

Soft Plano Crossbow CaseYou have two different options when you look for a Plano crossbow case. You can get a soft case or a hard case to protect your crossbow. A soft case is better for when you are hunting and hiking through the woods in search of your target.

These cases are made from fabric, meaning that they don’t add much additional weight to what you are already carrying. They will not protect your crossbow from being crushed or stomped on but they will protect it from getting caught on branches or anything else while you are walking through rough terrain.

Another reason crossbow hunters use soft cases is because they can quickly be removed if you turn a corner and find yourself at the perfect distance. A quick unzip of the full length zipper and you will be able to remove your crossbow and drop the bag. This will give you the best chance to quickly draw your crossbow and take the shot.

The soft Plano crossbow case is made to fit large crossbows and it made from quality materials. It provides you with plenty of room for your crossbow as well as a spot for your quiver. You will also find additional zippered pockets and an optional carrying strap which can be increase how far you can carry the weapon without tiring.

Hard Plano Crossbow Case

Plano Cross Bow CaseHard cases are your other option when choosing a Plano crossbow case. This kind of case is great if you are looking to store your crossbow safely for an extended period of time. It will protect it from the elements and from anything that my typically crush the crossbow.

It is not easy to remove the crossbow quickly like it is with the soft case, so it’s typically not used during the hunt. This case also will add extra weight and make the crossbow even harder to carry for the long distances typically required while hunting.

Another good use for a hard Plano crossbow case is for travel. Most hunters throw all their hunting gear in the back of a truck and set off. An unprotected crossbow will get thrashed around with everything else that you throw in the back and is easily damaged. Protecting it with a hard case will remove this worry and let you throw and go.

The Plano crossbow case is a great quality case that will protect your crossbow from just about anything. The case is expandable to fit all sizes of crossbow and also fits more of your accessories at the same time. With slots for extra string, bolts, and other useful tools, you will ensure that you are ready to go after you take your crossbow out of storage and get into the hunt.

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