Hunting with a Crossbow – Terms and Advice

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Hunting with a Crossbow - Terms and Advice

A Crossbow is a weapon that can be really interesting and easy for you to use if you are really good with firing a bow or rifle. There are certain things that you need to know prior to trying with this weapon. It is a great companion for all those who love hunting. When you are dealing with the bow and arrows, you understand that there are chances for the smallest misalignment to lead to completely missing the target by more than a few inches.


If you want to ensure that the arrow you use with the bow actually reaches the target then it is necessary for you to ensure that you cock it before you are actually loading the arrow. Cocking by hand does not require use of any tools and is much faster than using a crank or other device.

A cocking rope can be used for the purpose of cocking your crossbow. It is a device that is simple and also lightweight and also ensures that cocking is done consistently and also decreases effort required for pulling the string back to about half. It usually works by doubling distance that you actually need for pulling. There are chances for the coking rope to be something that can be a great trouble if you got vertically challenged. It is also possible for you to find cocking aids which are crank operated. There are chances for these cocking aids to be slow, loud, clumsy and also expensive. Crank can help in letting you cook bow in such way that it may become much stronger.


It is always necessary for you to confirm that the arrows that are there with the crossbow needs to be nocked in secure manner. For loading crossbow, it is necessary for placing the arrow in barrel. It is possible for finding one channel with the barrel which can cock vane the arrow that can fit to that. There are chances for the arrows with these kinds of the bows to be either flat nocks or moon nocks as per the manufacturer. It is necessary for you to understand when you are actually doing the shooting process then you need to remember all those kinds of principles and such things which can ensure accuracy of your shot. It is necessary for ensuring that there are no obstacles in the front of limbs when you are about to pull trigger. It is also not a good thing to wrap the thumb over forearm of this weapon when you are using it.


It is fine if you are leaving your bow cocked for whole day bit it is always necessary for you to uncock it when you are done with hunting. The only safe way for you to do this is to shoot crossbow. You should remove the arrow that you are using for hunting and replace that with the arrow which is blunted so that it means that your bow is uncocked. It is good for you to never dry fire when hunting with a crossbow. There are chances for this to end-up in disaster. This is not the right weapon that can be used for dry firing. There are chances for this to be really a hard and also accident if you are doing that without actually much care.

How to Handcock Your Weapon

Before using your weapon, it is necessary for you to know certain basic things related with it so that it become much easier for you to get it working in the way actually you want. Place crossbar stirrup on ground and then step through that.. You can now grad string which is there on both sides of stock. It is good for you to place thumbs on both the sides of barrel so that you can easily guide string. Now it is time for you to keep arms straight, stand up and then exert pressure over both the sides. It is good for you to pull string back so that it can easily lock itself in place.

Cocking the Rope

It is necessary for placing stirrup on ground and then make sure that it is firmly kept to the ground by using your feet. It is then necessary for running back of strap over butt of this weapon. It is then necessary for attaching rope with hooks on either parts of string. It is also necessary for grabbing strap handles and also to stand till string can lock in the place.

Advantages of Hunting With A Crossbow

If you are someone who is really interested in hunting then it is a weapon that can be regarded as the perfect choice. It is kind of the weapon that can be easily used by any individuals. There is no need for you to worry about the hand that you use or your age for using this weapon. The only difficult part about hunting with a crossbow is to get it cocked. If you are getting the weapon cocked then it is much easier for you to use that so that it is usually used for making kids teach hunting. There is no need for you to use much strength in pulling the string back that is there on the bow. This bow also does not have any kind of the kick and bark as like of that the gun.

There are many manufacturers who make use of crossbows that has got cocking mechanism that is built in with it so that it can be made much easier to be used. This weapon can help in hunting the animal by being really motionless. The bow that is there with this variety is already drawn and so there is no need for you to have the use of pulling that back and then thus creates a mess. These weapons are now made with cocking mechanism that is automatic by making use of co2.

Make sure that you check the regulations

Each state has its own set of crossbow rules and regulations.  Make sure that you check them for whichever state that you plan on hunting in.  You don’t want to harvest a record sized dear and find out that you did it illegally.

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