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When I began getting interested in crossbow hunting, I was looking for a good crossbow to start with but didn’t want to break the bank. Most of the Crossbows you will find online are very expensive due to the meticulous procedures used to perfectly replicate the firing procedure every time. The slightest mistake can cause your arrows to go in a different direct every time you fine.

This set me off on a hunt for the best cheap crossbow I could find. I wanted the best crossbow I could get for the least amount of money I could spend. This sounds like most people’s goal with every financial decision, but I was determined to find the best cheap crossbow on the market.

I was delight to find that the best cheap crossbow I could find was the Inferno Fury Crossbow. This bad boy had awesome reviews about comparing its performance to that of crossbows ten times more expensive made me pull the trigger on this deal. Great performance at a prices tag just above $100 lands this bow on my list as the best cheap crossbow in the world.


After putting this beast together, I decided to dial it in on a piece of 1/2” plywood I had in the garage. From about 15 yards away, every arrow I shot went clear through the plywood and into a tree behind the target. After I was dialed in, I tested the accuracy and power by backing up 5 yard each shot.

Each shot hit my coffee mug sized target up until 60 yards. From 65 yards, I noticed that I lost my accuracy. I had to adjust my aim up from the target in order to hit dead on. As far as power, this crossbow went through the plywood all the way until I was 55 yards away. I took a step back an knew that this was the best cheap crossbow I was going to find.

After researching the best cheap crossbow online, I bought this crossbow for myself as a Christmas present. I couldn’t wait for it to get warm enough for me to get out and use it. My first hunt with this crossbow went perfect as expected.

I manually cocked the weapon as I walked into the woods since I could use the safety. I prefer to cock my crossbows before I see my target since it can be noisy and spook your prey. My first shot was at a deer less than 20 yards away. I was set up in a prone position, like a sniper, covered in cammo and leaves.

I took the shot and watched the arrow go straight through my target with perfect accuracy. This shot was using a 16” aluminum arrow just like the ones provided. I was amazed at the amount of power that this crossbow had without sacrificing any accuracy. The best cheap crossbow I could find had just taken down a full sized buck without issue.


As with most archery equipment these days, the limbs are made of lightweight fiberglass. This provides you with a high quality product that will last a long time. When researching the best cheap crossbow I could find, I was real worried about how long it was going to last.

I have shot well over 500 arrows from my Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Crossbow and have yet to experience any issues. I took this crossbow on 5 trips in the first year and did not have to use the included one year warranty.

One of the best features of this crossbows is the fact that is ambidextrous. This means that it can be fired easily from left-handed and right-handed users with no modifications. Another cool feature is that the safety is also ambidextrous, so left-handed firers will not need to adjust on the fly.

The stock sits just right on my shoulder, making for one of the most comfortable shots you can have. I also noticed the stock did a great job channeling the recoil when I fired, a quality that other contenders for the best cheap crossbow lacked.


The included 3 dot site is a good deal because it was included with the crossbow. It is a bit heavy for its size, but it does its job well. If does not provide any zoom, just provide electronic 3 dot capability with 7 individual settings.

I prefer Iron sights myself, but I tested with sight and was able to dial it in quickly. As I mentioned above, this crossbow comes with both iron sights and the 3 red dot sight. This gives you an option to


The Inferno Fury crossbow can be cocked manually or by using the rope cocking device included. The cocking device will cut the amount of force required cock the bow in half. This bow takes 175 lbs of force to cock manually, using the stirrup and your hands.

try both and see what works best for you.

Sights can get costly in a hurry, so finding that the best cheap crossbow also includes two sites was a great surprise!

With other bows I found while searching for the best cheap crossbow, it is typically very difficult to manually cock because the latch the catches the string can be low quality. I did not experience that with the Inferno Fury crossbow. The latch caught the string very easily every time, making it easy to cock manually.

Included Accessories

Instructions included were very clear and precise, including a ton of pictures. I had no issues putting the best cheap crossbow I could Find together. I found a YouTube video by searching “inferno furry cross bow assembly” if you get lost. The crossbow comes with both iron and red dot sites, so you will need to decide which to install.

The included Red dot site does not include zoom but most people prefer the red dot over lining up the front post perfectly into the rear sight. It took me 20 minutes to get from a box on the kitchen table to a fully functional Arrow Precision crossbow.


You cannot beat the Inferno Fury crossbow in terms of value for a crossbow. You get an extremely good quality crossbow that will last you for years for a very good price. This crossbow is perfect for hunting small and medium sized game, but will not take down anything much larger than a deer.

Another thing to keep in mind is that this crossbow is also exclusively for short firing. If you are a beginner or need a good crossbow on a budget, the inferno Fury crossbow is the best cheap crossbow you are going to find!


What Makes This The Best Cheap Crossbow?

  • Amazing value
  • Perfect for hunting small and medium sized game
  • Extremely accurate up to 60 yards
  • Light weight and Comfortable
  • Perfect for a beginner
  • Ambidextrous stock and safety
  • Great customer service

Package contents:

  • Recurve Crossbow
  • Tube of rail lube
  • Removable adjustable rear iron site
  • Premium 3-dot multi-range red dot cope (battery included)
  • Weaver-style mount
  • Quick detach quiver
  • Foot brace
  • Four 16” arrows
  • Padded Shoulder Sling
  • String Pulley Cable
  • Assembly hardware and instructions
  • Proof of Warranty

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Review

Arrow Precision Inferno Fury Review










          • Great value
          • Perfect for a beginner
          • Ambidextrous
          • 3-Dot sight included


          • Lack's the power needed for larger game
          • Poor Warranty
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          1. Ian January 28, 2015 at 12:08 am - Reply

            Yeah this thing may be cheap but boy oh boy is it fun to use. I can almost say it’s great at killing bigger game.
            But’s it’s just missing the “umphh” to really make it there.

            None the less, best place to buy it is Amazon from what I saw.

            Thanks again!

          2. Fred April 19, 2015 at 9:20 pm - Reply

            It sounds like this very same crossbow is sold under many names (Inferno, Crown 175, Jaguar, etc.)and this last one is what I got. There are some very good reviews and few critics, mostly its relative inadequacy to hunting big game. This seems to be the perfect entry level model for someone not familiar with crossbows in general. If someone is thinking about the Inferno crossbow, my suggestion is to go ahead and give it a try. You are not spend that much in the first place, and you can upgrade latter if you will. Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing your discover with us.

          3. Kristol October 28, 2015 at 1:16 pm - Reply

            Crossbow is really impressive equipment for hunting but one has to use a good rifle scope to do the task

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