How to Hunt Coyotes And Why You Might Need To!

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How to Hunt Coyotes And Why You Might Need To!
Coyotes are small predators that look like dogs and are commonly found in North and Central America. The coyote, even with urbanization and increased human activity has not decreased in numbers, unlike most wild animals. On the contrary, this omnivorous animal has increased in population and has led farmers wondering how to hunt coyotes and protect their livestock.

The average full grown coyote weighs somewhere between 15 to 45 lbs.  Light grey and red in color, you will typically find coyotes traveling in packs.  You can tell them apart from grey wolves, their close relative, because they are half the size.

Why Would You Hunt Coyotes?

The rapid growth in the population of the coyotes has to some extent made the animal become more of a pest especially in agricultural areas. In these areas, the coyotes are believed to kill livestock and cause havoc to livestock farmers.

There are less legal restrictions on the hunting of the coyotes in these areas placed by authorities as long as you hunt them safely and humanely. If you are not sure about how to hunt coyotes, we included some guidelines that will help you on your next hunt.

How Do You Get Rid Of A Coyote?

How Do You Get Rid Of A Coyote?

If you are having trouble with coyotes on your property there are a few things you can do. It might be too late if they have already taken over your property, but its worth giving these a try:

  • Make sure that you seal and secure all of your food, including pet and livestock food at night.
  • Keep garbage cans sealed tight and secured
  • Remove anything the coyotes can use as cover to approach your livestock
  • Purchase and train a guard animal for your herd.

How Do You Kill A Coyote?

If you don’t have any luck getting rid of the coyote, then you may need to kill it to protect your property.  I prefer to hunt with a good crossbow, but you may want to use a rifle if that is what you are used to. Before you can shoot and kill them, you will need to know how to hunt coyotes.

How Do You Kill A Coyote?

How To Hunt Coyotes

  1. Check the local regulations

Although there are almost zero regulations placed on the hunting of coyotes unlike other types of wildlife, it is important to check with your local authorities before you set out for the hunt. You might be required to obtain a legal license in order to hunt coyotes. I would suggest that you do so before the scheduled hunting day. Getting the green right from the authorities will give you peace of mind and ensure you are not on the wrong side of the law.

  1. Stay silent

Once you are ready and out in the bush ready for the hunt, you should always remain calm as you wait for them to show up. Coyotes are quite slippery and will detect the slightest of noises. They have excellent eyesight and a great hearing and will, therefore, detect any intruders within their territories and escape before you can even take a shot. Therefore once you are on location, avoid slamming your car doors, do not carry with you any items that are likely to clang together and make noise and don’t make it a talk show especially if you are hunting as a group.

  1. Camouflage

After identifying your hunting ground, approach the area stealthily and without being detected. Do not go hunting with your colourful sports gear. Dress appropriately using clothing that will make you blend well with the wild. When approaching the area, do not just walk freely in the open like you would when taking an even walk. Use trees, caves and even rocks to stay away from the sight of your target until you have achieved a distance and sight that will allow you to take a shot.

  1. Look for the signs.

All animals leave a trail no matter how smart or cunning they may be. Coyotes are no exception. Do not just hunt blindly when going for this elusive animal. Look for signs that are likely to lead you directly to your target or at least give you an idea of where they are likely to be. For instance look out for their droppings, especially fresh ones, listen out for their dog like calls or follow their tracks. The tracks are usually similar to those of a dog.

  1. Get into a shooting position

Look for a good shooting position where you will be hidden and comfortable to make the shoot. A rocky area with a good view is an excellent place for you to make the shoot without too much trouble. A raised area like a ridge is also an alternative depending on the terrain of your area. It will allow you to scan the area and make a close range shot when its time.

  1. Use calling tools

Once you are in position and can not spot any coyotes, you may use calling tools to attract them. You can use a call to imitate the sound of a coyote. You can purchase them in shops within your area or even check online. Use the calls that imitate a distress sound of their prey. The call will attract them to where you are or within range. The squeaking sound of a rabbit will be excellent bait for the coyote.

  1. Bait

If the calling tools are not working for you, consider using artificial bait.  I have found a dead animal that they prey, such a rabbit, works very well. Choose to place the bait within an area where the coyotes walk through or are likely to be trailing a prey. Once they are attracted to the prey and are within close shooting range, make your shot.

  1. Patience

When hunting any animals, you will need to be quite patient. Do not set out for the hunt with the idea that it is going to be an easy activity. Be patient and wait for them to show up. They will eventually show up, and you will finish your hunt a happy person.

Finally, remember to get it right with your timing. It doesn’t matter if you know how to hunt coyotes if you don’t know when the coyotes are likely to show up. Correct timing will make the entire exercise easier and enjoyable.

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