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Crossbow hunting durring sundownWith crossbow hunting becoming more popular every year, it is important that you have all the right gear for your hunt. It takes a lot of practice and patience to shoot something with a crossbow because you have to wait until they are much closer that you would with a rifle. You do not want to wait for the perfect shot and find out that your crossbow will not fire.

A good crossbow will cost you between $500 and $1000, which is a pretty sizable investment for more people. That crossbow is made with quality and durability in mind and is made to last for years. This makes the purchase of crossbow cases an intelligent decision because it will protect your investment.

When it comes to crossbow cases, there are two main categories of products available. Those two categorizations are hard cases and small cases. Each one of these has its own advantages and disadvantages over using the other.

Hard Cases

Hard crossbow Cases are the best to protect your crossbow from just about anything. These are especially good for protecting your crossbow if you are storing it with other things that may fall on it causing damage. Hard crossbow cases are prefect if you are looking to protect your crossbow from anything that may come its way.

A disadvantage of hard cases is that they are much heavier that soft cases. The hard materials are harder than the soft material used in soft cases. The hard cases are also typically much bulkier because they are made to protect the crossbow without much consideration into how mobile it needs to be.

Plano Cross Bow Case
Plano Cross Bow Case

This adjustable hard case is one of the most protective crossbow cases on the market right now. With adjustable stock casing, it will fit most crossbows. The tie down straps inside the case are also a great feature to hold the bow in place between the pieces of high-density foam.

This case is much larger than most and one of the only regrets people have in ordering this case is that is dwarfs their smaller crossbow. That also means that the case is bulky and takes up a large amount of space when being used. This is not one of those crossbow cases that you can throw a strap on and go tracking through the woods. It is so large that it can realistically only be used as long term storage.

Plano Bow Max Crossbow Case, Black

Plano Bow Max Crossbow Case, BlackThis hard case is one of the most popular crossbow cases sold on amazon. It is perfect if you are looking for some hard storage and don’t mind the weight. The hard case is perfect for long term storage or if you are taking an off-road vehicle to your hunting location.

The Plano Bow Max Crossbow Cases are known to fit the largest of cases for hunters that have trouble finding cases that fit. We know a hunter that had terrible trouble finding a case for her Barnett Ghost 400. He stumbled upon this case and swears by it and will never use anything else.

Soft Cases

Soft crossbow cases are designed more for traveling with you crossbow while on hunting trips. They are meant to provide some protection from the elements without limiting your mobility or ability to quickly remove the case. They are also much lighter than the hard cases that you can purchase instead.

One of the disadvantages to using a soft case is that they do not provide as much protection as the hard counterparts. They will protect your crossbow from debris and some rain but will not help if you bend over and swing the crossbow into a tree. Make sure that you are not expecting much more than light protecting if you are choosing one of these crossbow cases.

Allen Company Crossbow Case
Allen Company Crossbow Case

This well-priced soft case will fit most standard sized crossbows and comes with an adjustable sling. At just under $30, this case is well worth the money to protect your investment. The case has plenty of room so that you can fit your scope and quiver in most cases.

The big zipper and large amount of space make is easy to remove and replace the crossbow quickly. If you cannot get the crossbow out and ready to fire quickly, then the care will be more in the way than help you. Many have reported that this case does not fit recurve style crossbows.

Barnett Crossbow Case
Barnett Crossbow CaseThis soft case is designed to fit any Barnett crossbow on the market. This makes it large enough to fit your crossbow with sight and quiver with no problem at all. The bag also has outside pockets that are perfect for additional storage.

The double zipper wraps all the way from one side back to the other on these crossbow cases. This gives you plenty of protection while making your bow accessible quickly if needed. Most people like the fact this case has two pockets and can be carried like a duffel bag or like a rifle.

Why Buy a Crossbow Case?

Crossbows are an expensive investment that needs to be protected to the best of your ability.  If you spend $1000 for a premium crossbow, you don’t want to damage it and have to pay even more to fix it.  A case will protect that crossbow while you are walking through the woods on your hunt, Driving around with all your hunting gear bouncing around in the back, and when storing your crossbow when its not hunting season.

We can’t stress enough how many times we have seen expensive crossbows crushed and destroyed while i someones garage all winter.  Picking up one of our hard crossbow cases will help you protect that investment for years to come.

Another reason that you should be keeping your crossbow in a case is to reduce the risk of someone hurting themselves.  A kids is less likely to know that they are looking at a crossbow if it is in a case.  This makes them less likely to pick it up and decide to play with it.  Using a crossbow case will help protect everyone in your family from getting in trouble with your crossbow!

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