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Crossbow Hunting Laws and Regulations in WyomingThe crossbow hunting regulations in Wyoming have changed over the recent years.  They are now allowing hunters to use crossbow during firearm and archery season.  This means that crossbow hunters get access to a full season of hunting in this state.

If you are looking to hunt with a crossbow in this state, you will need a hunting license.  This will be the only requirement during the firearms season, but that changes during the archery season.  During the archery season, you need to have both hunting and archery licenses in order to hunt.

One of the restrictions we found while researching the crossbow hunting regulations in Wyoming is that you are required to use a crossbow with at least 90 lbs of draw weight.  They now allow hunters to use cocking levers as well in this state.  We only say that because the previous regulations forbid any crossbow that you could not cock by hand.

You must also use a bolt that is at least 16 inches long, not including the broadhead.  Speaking of the broadhead, they must have a cutting width of at least one inch.  Mechanical broadheads are permitted as long as they open to a cutting width of at least one inch on impact.

If you are hunting trophy game in Wyoming, you need to display hunter orange in the form of a vest, jacket, sweater, or hat.  It needs to be visible to other hunters at all times.  This is also the case if you are hunting pheasants in the Wyoming Department of Wildlife Management Areas.  If is not requires if you are hunting small game but it is strongly recommended.

Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Wyoming Disclaimer

As we explain in each of the states crossbow regulation articles, we are not lawyers.  We have done our best to research and understand the crossbow hunting laws in Wisconsin, and the 49 other states, but we cannot give any advice on how to get them changed or why they are written as such.  For that kind of information, we suggest that you contact the Wyoming Game and Fish Department Directly.

Did We Miss Anything?

If you think that we can research and write about the crossbow regulations in each state without getting anything wrong, we need more of you.  Otherwise, you are well aware that there is no way that we got everything right.  Please bear with us and help us get things right for the next reader to visit.  If you see anything wrong, please let us know in the comment section below or contact us directly.  We will get things fixed up n a jiffy!


Wyoming has some of the best hunting in the nation, with or without a crossbow.  If you can swing by and take advantage of the crossbow hunting regulations in this Wyoming, we suggest that you do so.  You will be able to hunt in both the firearm and the archery seasons.  Good luck and we hope you get to find the time!

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