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Crossbow Hunting Laws and Regulations in West VirginiaAs of 2015, the crossbow hunting regulations in West Virginia allow for crossbow hunting from the first day of bow season until that last day of the year.  This was a big change from the old regulation which banned crossbows for everyone unless you were disabled.  This is one of the most recent states to make this change and we hope that more go in this direction in the near future.

While hunting in this state, the use of an electronic deer caller is prohibited.  This gives you a significant advantage over the deer and studies show that it might have a negative effect on their health as well.  West Virginia put this regulation into effect in order to make sure that there are healthy deer around for our next generations to hunt.

All crossbows need to have a draw weight of at least 125 lbs.  This ensures that you have enough power to do the job.  They don’t want you going out there and making an animal suffer because you turned them into a pin cushion.  You are also forbidden from carrying a firearm of any kind while hunting with a crossbow.

You are also required to use a bolt of at least 18 inches in length according to the crossbow regulations in West Virginia.  The broadhead must also have a cutting diameter of at least ¾ of an inch.  Mechanical broadhead’s are legal as long as they expand to at least ¾ of an inch on impact.

Crossbow Hunting Regulations in West Virginia Disclaimer

As we note in each crossbow regulation post, we are not lawyers or experts in law.  We are a group of crossbow hunters that pretend that we are writers to create this blog.  We have done hours of research to create this resource, but this is the extent of our knowledge in the area of crossbow laws in West Virginia.  If you are looking for more in depth information, we suggest that you contact the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources.

Did We Miss Anything?

We are not the best researchers and writers on the internet, we are well aware.  As long as you are not my wife, you are allowed to remind me of that.  That being said, we probably missed a few things along the way while creating this resource.  As we were writing, new crossbow regulations were being released all around us and it was hard to keep up with.  If you notice that we missed, overlooked, or didn’t update anything while reading this page, please don’t be afraid to let us know.  Drop us a comment or contact us directly so that we can resolve the issue for the next reader looking for the information.


West Virginia is leading the way when it comes to adjusting the regulations to allow for most crossbow hunting.  The crossbow hunting regulations in West Virginia allow hunters to take advantage of some great wildlife and back country for most of the hunting season.  We congratulate them for making this change and hope that more states make this move in the near future!

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