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Crossbow Hunting Laws and Regulations in UtahThe crossbow hunting regulations in Utah only allow for those with a disability to apply for a crossbow hunting permit.  The individual must have a physical disability that prevents with from using traditional archery equipment.

In other to hunt with a crossbow in the state of Utah, you must apply for the permit and provide the proper documentation required.  This will include the permit request form and a physician’s statement confirming that you cannot use traditional archery equipment.

If you do obtain a crossbow hunting permit, you are allowed to hunt during the archery-only season, open season, and fishing season (if you are hunting hunt). You are allowed to hunt big game, cougar, bear, waterfowl, turkey, small game, and carp if you have the proper permits.

While hunting, the crossbow hunting regulations in Texas require that you use a crossbow with a minimum draw weight of 60 pounds for small game and 125 pounds for bid game.  The crossbow must have a stock and draw length of 18 inches and a functional mechanical safety.  It must be kept in an enclosed case while transporting in any vehicle.

If you are going to use your crossbow for hunting carp, you will need a proper crossbow fishing setup.  This must include a reel and line that is capable of tethering the bolt to restrict flight distance.  We have a few crossbow fishing sets that you can attach to your crossbow and meet these requirements.

The state of Texas forbids that use of telescopic sights unless you have bad vision.  You must apply for a certificate of registration so use telescopic sights by providing proof that you have worse than 20/40 corrected vision.

Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Utah Disclaimer

We hope that you enjoy reading about what we discovered during our research of the crossbow laws in Texas.  That being said, we are just a bunch of hunters, not law folk.  We have given you our best interpretation of the laws, but we cannot provide you with more than we already have.  If you have any more questions on concerns, please contact Utah’s Department of Administrative Services.

Did We Miss Anything?

We would like to think that we are perfect, but we are well aware of the possibility that we overlooked a fact or two while creating this resource.  There is no way that we researched and wrote about the crossbow regulations of Utah and the other 49 states perfectly.  That being said, we are relying on you to tell us where we are wrong so that we can fix it for the next reader.  If you think there is anything that we need to double check, please let us know in the comment field or contact us directly so that we can get it fixed.


Utah is one of those states that restrict crossbow hunting to those that have disabilities stopping them from using traditional archery equipment.  We hope that they follow suit with other states and make a change to allow more crossbow hunting.  Until then, there are plenty of other states around that you can visit for a great time.



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