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Crossbow Hunting Laws and Regulations in VermontThe crossbow hunting regulations in Vermont changed as of 2016.  Before, they only allowed people with a disabled permit to use crossbows at any point during the hunting season.  Now, you may also use a crossbow if you are 50 years old or older.

If you believe that you have a physical disability that prevents you from being able to use standard archery equipment, you must visit the Commissioner of Fish and Wildlife.  You will need to present a certificate of disability from your physician and fill out some paperwork while you are there.

While hunting in Vermont, you are only permitted to harvest 1 buck per season.  Please note that this state has an early bow hunting season and a late bow hunting season, but they count as a single season.  In other words, you may only harvest one buck throughout each full season.

Also effective in 2016, this state has banned the use of urine, blood, gland oil, feces, or any other bodily fluids to attract other animals.  You may not possess any of the substances above, coming from a moose, elk, or deer, while you are hunting or scouting.

We did not find any crossbow regulations in Vermont that restricted the crossbows that you are permitted to use.  You can go out and buy the most powerful and best crossbow possible and be withing the regulations.  We did find that chemically treated arrows and explosive tips are banned in this state.

Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Vermont Disclaimer

If you are looking to change the current crossbow laws in Vermont, or looking at why they are written the way they are, we probably are the best resource for that.  We are just a group of crossbow hunters with a blog, trying to create a great resource for our readers.  We have no influence in the laws and regulations in this state, and don’t have any connections to such.  If you need more information on these topics, we suggest that you contact Vermont’s Fish and Wildlife Department for more information.

Did We Miss Anything?

As we mentioned above, we are just a group of crossbow hunters with a blog.  To be honest, we still aren’t even sure that we should be called writers!  That being said, it is entirely too possible that we overlooked a thing or two when we spent our creating this resource.  Forgive us for anything that we got wrong, or that has changed since we wrote this.  If you find any inaccuracies at all, please don’t be afraid to leave us a comment so that we can get the issue resolved for the next reader that comes along!


The crossbow regulations in Vermont are pretty straight forward.  You are only allowed to hunt with a crossbow if you are 50 years of age or older.  The only exception is for those that have a disability that prevents that from using traditional archery equipment.  Opening crossbow hunting up to the older individuals was a recent move in the right direction towards what other states are doing. We hope that they consider opening it up to more individuals in the near future!

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