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Crossbow Hunting Laws and Regulations in TennesseeWe have done all the research on the crossbow regulations in Tennessee and are ready to fill you in on what we found. We found that hunters are permitted to use a crossbow during any season that does not specifically prohibit the use of archery equipment. Essentially, they categorize crossbow in the same group as compound and traditional vertical bows.

They do have a few regulations that restrict the type of scope that you are allowed to mount on your crossbow. You are allowed to use a red dot sight, as long as it does not emit any light in the direct of your target. Anything that projects light towards your target, such as night vision, is prohibited in the state of Tennessee.

From what we found in the crossbow regulation in Tennessee, there are no restrictions as to what crossbows you are permitted to use. You can go out and by the most powerful crossbow on the market and be within the regulations. Just make sure that you don’t buy something that you are not comfortable with.

Hunting with a crossbow in Tennessee does require that you obtain and carry a big game license. There are a few groups that are permitted to hunt without a crossbow license, such as elderly hunters, but make sure that you check before you go off hunting without the proper permit.

Crossbow Hunting Regulations in Tennessee Disclaimer

We do our best to fully understand the crossbow laws in Tennessee and the 49 other states, but we are not lawyers. We have no influence on the crossbow laws and cannot provide you with guidance more than what is in this article.

If you are looking for more advice than what we have provided, we suggest that you contact the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency for more information. They will be able to answer your questions or steer you in the right direction.

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The crossbow regulations in Tennessee allow us to take advantage of almost the entire hunting season in a state with great hunting opportunities.  Make sure that you take advantage of this opportunity if you are in Tennessee for any reason. We hope that more states will make progress towards being more open to crossbows like this state in the near future!

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