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This year, it seems like everyone I know is looking for a crossbow fishing reel. With people looking for a new challenge all the time, using your crossbow to go fishing is the newest fad to try. Since this is such a new sport, it is hard to find the right equipment anywhere.

Someone decided that they liked to hunt with crossbows and fish with a fishing rod, so they combined the two and a sport was born. It is as simple as shooting a fish with a specially designed arrow that latches into the fish so you can reel them in. That is done with a specially designed crossbow fishing reel that is mounted on the weapon to make it very simple.

How It Works

The arrow, with fishing line, is released from the crossbow and the line is let out of the reel. If the arrow hits its target, it will pierce through the fish and release barbs to ensure the fish does not escape. The hunter then reels in the line with the fish attached.

The result is a type of crossbow hunting that you can do throughout the warm season, instead of being limited to bow-hunting season.

Reel Reviews

AMS is the only company that we know of that is producing a crossbow fishing reel specifically designed for that role. Most fishers are using a regular reel mounted on a specially designed mount. This works, but you have to remember to press the button so that the line can be released or you will be in trouble.

Another downfall of using a regular reel is that the line can only come out of a spool so fast. This creates drag, pulling back on the arrow and affecting your accuracy. AMS reels have fixed both of those problems with the products listed below.

AMS Bowfishing Retriever

This is the base model from AMS and it does exactly what it is designed to do. It is fast and simple to use without creating any drag. The line is stacked instead of spooled like most other bowfishing products. This considerably decreases your drag while increasing your accuracy.

AMS Bowfishing Retriever Pro

This great product was designed to stand out from the base model by taking the extra steps in design. It is lighter and more durable without sacrificing any of the performance that we are used to seeing with the AMS retrievers. It was also built with the best quality materials so it corrodes less while salt water fishing.

Designed with levers and knobs, this is one of the few reels on this list that do not need any tools for adjustment.

Mount and Kit Reviews

AMS M109 Sleek-X

Don’t be deceived by the picture; this product is only the machined crossbow mount. It is designed to give you the bracket to mount your own reel.

The Universal mount works on most popular crossbow models and is for both left and right handed shooters. It is designed to fit any AMS retriever reels. You can choose any of the above reels to mount on this great bracket.

AMS 611RGX 611

This great crossbow fishing reel kit includes everything you need to get started, minus the crossbow. It includes the mounting bracket above, line, floats, and gators. You can open this box today and be shooting fish with your crossbow before dinner.

We strongly suggest this kit for beginners that aren’t comfortable matching the products into a set on their own. AMS did a great job putting this together so we have everything we could possibly need.

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