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Preparing for deer hunting season

For all deer lovers, the off-season months can be torturous and on the other hand, there is no better day than the opening day for the season. Opening day for a new deer hunting season always give you a crisp and exciting feeling. As a deer hunter, the off season should be well spent with [...]

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Camouflage Clothing Basic for BowHunters – How To Hunt Like A Boss

If nothing excites you more on a weekend than going on a hunt with your favorite bow and arrow, then you probably know how important camouflage clothing are to make the hunt successful. Many amateur hunters make the mistake of heading out in the wilderness dressed in bright, fashionable clothes that make them stand out [...]

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5 Logical Reasons Why You Should Use A Cocking Device

Crossbows are some of the oldest man-made tools used to shoot arrows. In the old days, crossbows were much simpler than today’s models and involved pulling on the string using bare hands. However, as technology advanced, designers began providing models that went above human effort and demanded more energy to cock. Modern crossbows require up [...]

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Avoid Stupid Crossbow Mistakes By Following These Rules

Every year, hunting season starts and my new feed gets filled with pictures of people that have done something stupid while hunting with their crossbow.  People are always cutting up fingers and shooting stuff that wasn’t meant to be shot.  That has led me to create this list of rules to follow so that you [...]

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The Parts of a Crossbow Explained

A Crossbow is a weapon that evolved from the time when men lived as nomads and hunters. Men first used sticks in the form of spears for hunting animals. There were improvements made in this spear which lead to the design of the spear which can be propelled mechanically. With time and gradual evolution, the [...]

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Hunting with a Crossbow – Terms and Advice

A Crossbow is a weapon that can be really interesting and easy for you to use if you are really good with firing a bow or rifle. There are certain things that you need to know prior to trying with this weapon. It is a great companion for all those who love hunting. When you [...]

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Top Crossbow Hunting Tips

The very first form of the crossbow made its debut appearance in China way back in the 4th century BC. Amazing as it seems it was instantaneously adopted as a highly effective weapon of war. The major benefit of this weapon primarily lies in its unmatched simplicity of utilization, which permits it to aimed and [...]

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