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Camouflage Clothing Basic for BowHunters - How To Hunt Like A Boss If nothing excites you more on a weekend than going on a hunt with your favorite bow and arrow, then you probably know how important camouflage clothing are to make the hunt successful. Many amateur hunters make the mistake of heading out in the wilderness dressed in bright, fashionable clothes that make them stand out like a sore thumb. What’s the problem?

Whether you are using a crossbow or a regular bow, your cover might get blown if you’re not dressed for the occasion, or worse; it may even put you in harm’s way. This is why we’ve brought you a complete guide on camouflage clothing basic for bowhunters, so that never make the mistakes that most beginners do when you go out for the first hunt.

Purpose of Camouflage Wear

Camouflage clothing is a “must have” item in your hunting kit whether you hunt with a vertical bow or a crossbow, and you shouldn’t even think about going on a hunt without wearing them. Some of the benefits of these clothes are:

  • It allows you to blend with the environment making it harder for the prey to notice you
  • It makes you stealthier so that you can get within firing range without alerting senses of animals like hog or deer
  • It protects your body from the harmful elements of nature since these clothes are made of durable and comfortable material
  • Makes you look more stylish and dressed for the occasion

Uses of Camo Clothing

You won’t believe the sheer variety of camo hunting clothes that you can check out in the market today! These materials can take care of almost every requirement that ranges from keeping your body warm even in sub-zero temperatures, keep you from heavy perspiring, prevent the development of odors, keep you dry during the rain, and mask the sound of your movement.

Not to forget the obvious, every type of camo clothing is primarily meant to keep you concealed according to the surrounding environment.

Things to Look For in The Perfect Camouflage Wear

Before making the first purchase, here are some essential aspects that you should look for in the ideal camo clothing.

Camo pattern: Let’s be a little realistic here, the pattern is one of the first things that you would probably look for in these clothes. While there are hundreds of modern patterns available, the best that suits bow hunters are those that help you blend with the surrounding trees and leaves. A leafy camo pattern that is slightly darker can help you blend better in low light situations than a bright leaf camo.

If you go out hunting during the snow, be sure to choose something white and with plenty of thermals to keep you from freezing. Remember, style is important but not as much as your ability to stay hidden. So be prepared to check out the color shades and pattern density carefully before buying.

Style: Being a bow hunter, you probably want to mix a bit of a style with the utility before heading out to make a killing. Even though your primary motive is not to win a fashion contest, you might have a ‘Daryl Dixon’ vibe going on in your mind. This is why you need to know how to mix and match different parts of your hunting clothes to suit several occasions. Be it the jacket, pants, or overalls, you would want to have separate sets of each to mix and match according to changing weather conditions and the terrain type.

For example, your brown camo pants with a rather open pattern on the jacket might be the best choice when you stay close to the ground. It also facilitates easy addition and removal of various layers based on the weather or any other hunting need.

Fabric material: Style means nothing if your bow hunter camo clothes are made of cheap and useless material. Fleece is a common fabric that is preferred by hunters worldwide because it aids in keeping your quiet regardless of the type of surface you’re walking on. It also helps in keeping out moisture. Thus, there is no problem of getting sweaty and uncomfortable. However, fleece is not the ideal material if you plan to hunt during the cold season.

For hunting in the cold, Gore-Tex is an excellent insulating material. This fabric also keeps moisture away and keeps your body temperature regulated for a greater period. Gore-Tex, however, does not come cheap, and it may cause a dent in your month’s savings. Advice for amateur bow hunters – go for fleece or cotton/polyester and top it off with layers underneath to stay warm.

Utility: The ability to keep odor away and skin dry by controlling moisture are perhaps the two most significant advances that hunting clothes received in recent years. Carbon lining clothes are especially good at keeping odor at bay because it allows the wind to scrape through your body, keeping you fresh. You may not realize how important this feature is unless you find yourself completely drenched in sweat and experiencing considerable discomfort.

These camo clothes are especially useful to bow hunters because this sort of hunting requires a lot of activity. Unlike hunting with a rifle, where you can shoot from a mile away, hunting with a bow requires you to get within firing distance of the target. So, make an informed choice whenever you are out to buy clothes for hunting.

Caring for your camouflage clothes

Now that you know the basics of camo clothes for a bow hunter be sure to put the advice and good use and you will become a boss in hunting in no time. Regardless of what your choice might be, knowing how to care for these hunting clothes are equally important. Be sure to wash your clothes inside and out in a gentle manner, either by hand or using a washing machine.

Baking soda is an excellent option for a cleaner, and it also helps to eliminate foul odor in just a single wash. After you’re done, refer to the washing guide to know if you can dry it in sunlight or shade only. Be sure to wash your bow hunter camouflage clothing on a gentle cycle to preserve its colors and protects the material quality against wear and tear.

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