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Product and ModelPowerDraw WeightLength / WeightPrice
Barnett Ghost 350350 FPS185 lbs.37" / 9 lbs.Amazon
Barnett Ghost 360360 FPS185 lbs.37" / 9 lbs.Amazon
Barnett Ghost 385385 FPS185 lbs.37" / 9 lbs.Amazon
Barnett Ghost 400400 FPS185 lbs.37" / 9 lbs.Amazon
Barnett Ghost 410410 FPS185 lbs.37" / 7.3 lbsAmazon
The Barnett Ghost crossbow series is top of the line and will give you one of the best crossbows in the world. One of the most important aspects of a crossbow is how much power it has, and this crossbow has plenty of that. They are some of the most powerful crossbows in the world, made by one of the best brands out there.


Barnet Ghost Crossbows are top of the lineA Barnett Ghost crossbow is as powerful as the name alludes to. If you are looking at the Barnett Ghost 410 than you are going to get a speed of 410 feet per second, where a Barnett Ghost 360 is only going to get you 360 FPS. This, by all means, still is a pretty powerful crossbow when you put them side by side with other crossbows in the same price range.

There are not many other crossbows that are going to outperform the Barnett Ghost. Most crossbows are in the 350 FPS range, while this one can be found all the way up to 410 FPS. At point black range, that means you will hit the target with 150 ft-lbs of pressure. That is assuming that you are using the same weight bolts that are include in the package.

Another thing about These Ghost crossbows is that they are extremely accurate for something with so much power. They are designed as a carbon riser, meaning that they are manufactured so that the front end does not drop when you are trying to aim. These crossbows are designed so the majority of the weight is in the back to give you a more comfortable and stable aim.

The Barnett Ghost crossbow was also designed with comfort in mind. The hand and trigger system was designed to be ergonomically efficient so that the shooter can stay comfortable for as long as possible.

The fact that these crossbows come with a scope also helps increase the accuracy. The sight is a very good quality and holds a zero for much longer than most other sights. If you need to purchase a high quality scope, check out our page on our favorite crossbow scopes.

With the power and accuracy that you get with a Barnett Ghost Crossbow, you should be able to hit a two in target from 75 yards away. This is a fete that most other crossbows cannot come close to achieving. If you are a good enough shooter, you will be impressed by how deep the arrow goes from this distance.


If you can afford one of the Ghosts, then we don’t suggest you go with anything but them. They are a great value, have incredible power, are extremely accurate, are lightweight, and very quite. This beast has all of the qualities that you would look for in the best crossbows in the world.

Taking down a Grisly Bear, one of the toughest targets in the world only takes about 70 ft-lbs of kinetic energy to pierce. A Barnett Ghost crossbow gives you twice that, meaning you should not have trouble taking down just about anything you could possible want to hunt. We have seen an arrow pierce straight through a moose and out the other side coming out of one of these monsters.

The “loudness” of a crossbow is something that is often overlooked when picking a crossbow. You want to make sure that your crossbow is relatively quite so that your target doesn’t get spooked before the arrow hits. The Ghost is not silent, but it definitely quite compared to other compound crossbows.

Compound crossbows are louder by default than a recurve crossbow because of the amount of energy that is being transferred throughout the process. These crossbows are much more quite than other compound crossbows, yet produce a whole lot more power.

You have an advantage in that the Barnett Ghost crossbows are so fast that there is no chance that the target will have time to adjust.

Weight is another factor that you need to look at when looking for a crossbow. You are going to carry the crossbow through the woods while you search for and acquire a target. You don’t want to be carrying around a whole bunch of extra weight if you don’t have to.

Another factor that is affected by weight is the accuracy of the crossbow. You will need to hold the crossbow steady and level while you wait for the target to be in the perfect position. The heavier the crossbow is, the harder it will be to hold it up for long periods of time.

The Barnett Ghost crossbow weighs only 8 lbs, much lighter than most other crossbows in the same price range. Generally speaking, the more powerful crossbows are typically heavier than average. That is not the case with this great crossbow.


This ghost crossbow is going to last you a lifetimeWe can all agree that the Barnett Ghost crossbow looks like something straight out of a movie. We now know that it can perform just as well as almost any other crossbow out there.

What you don’t know yet is just how long it is going to last. The Ghost was meant to last forever and keep you happy.

If you don’t believe me, then just look at the life-time guarantee that comes with these crossbows. Barnett will replace anything but the cable, string, or anything damaged by misuse. If you are looking for something meant to last, a guaranty that it is will or be replaced is always a good sign.


The scope that comes with your Barnett Ghost crossbow is high quality piece of equipment. Barnett almost always includes a scope that it worth using in their crossbow lines. It comes mounted and ready to go straight out of the box.

This scope gives you a surprisingly wide angle without losing clearness on the outskirts of your view. It is also covered under the life time warranty and clams to be shockproof.

Included Accessories

These crossbows come with everything that you need to go hunting straight out of the box. You couldn’t ask for anything more if you are looking to be hunting by the end of the week. The only thing that you may want to pick up if you intend on doing a lot shooting is some wax.

  • 3 arrows, ready to fire
  • Quiver to store the arrows while you are moving through the woods.
  • Rope cocking device to make it easier to cock on the go.


If you are looking for one of the best crossbows on the market, this is a great place to start. A Barnett Ghost crossbow is going to give you anything you could possible ask for in a crossbow. It will give you power, accuracy, mobility, and durability.

At a fair price, you will get a crossbow that is going to last you a lifetime, or be replaced. Buy a nice crossbow case to protect it and you should have no problems at all.

We would not suggest any other crossbow on the market if you can afford a Barnett Ghost.

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  1. Erica Smith February 1, 2015 at 2:52 pm - Reply

    I am looking to purchase a crossbow that is going to last me for a long time. I am about to buy my granddaughter a nice crossbow and I wont to have one to hunt with her for years to come. I have been reading Barnett Ghost Crossbow reviews and I have a few questions.
    Is it worth the money to go with one of these over a lower priced model? This crossbow looks great, but I feel like it might be too much power for me. I’m not sure if it’s the same thing as a rifle, but I do not want to be completely overpowered! Is it possible to have too much power for a little old lady like myself?

    • Zac Dredge May 19, 2015 at 1:05 pm - Reply

      No, they’re not the same as rifles. Crossbows work on the basis of kinetic energy being stored in the limbs, so there’s no recoil. The force is all internalised and the string technically pulls the arrow. There may be some vibration, but nothing compared to even low caliber firearms, and it’s still not even the same thing as recoil.

      As for whether this is worth the extra money, it’s hard to say. Speed isn’t everything, but it does help at distance. You may want something with a draw weight closer to the 150 range, though.

  2. richard t May 20, 2016 at 11:26 am - Reply

    I bought the ghost 350 Barnett 3 years ago, the 2013 hunting season i took two turkey’s one at 48 yds.. and the other at 56 yds.. Both head shots .Deer season i took one 8 point and a 11 point neither one went more then 10 yds. . The Barnett crossbow is the best crossbow i have owned yet, its deadly ,quite, lite and easy to maneuver in a tree climber.I have the crank cocker on mine works great, due to i have had three shoulder surgery’s ,so had to hang up my compound bow hunting to switch to crossbow ,needless to say i still get to enjoy the hunting !!!!!!!!!!

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