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5 Logical Reasons Why You Should Use A Cocking Device

Crossbows are some of the oldest man-made tools used to shoot arrows. In the old days, crossbows were much simpler than today’s models and involved pulling on the string using bare hands. However, as technology advanced, designers began providing models that went above human effort and demanded more energy to cock. Modern crossbows require up [...]

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The Storied History of Repeating Crossbows

Repeating crossbows were one of the most deadly weapons on the battlefield at one point in time.  The Chinese used these deadly weapons for close combat very effectively.  They could be fired, reloaded, cocked, and shot all in one swift motion with a single lever. They idea was very simple and easy to create, making [...]

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Avoid Stupid Crossbow Mistakes By Following These Rules

Every year, hunting season starts and my new feed gets filled with pictures of people that have done something stupid while hunting with their crossbow.  People are always cutting up fingers and shooting stuff that wasn’t meant to be shot.  That has led me to create this list of rules to follow so that you [...]

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The Parts of a Crossbow Explained

A Crossbow is a weapon that evolved from the time when men lived as nomads and hunters. Men first used sticks in the form of spears for hunting animals. There were improvements made in this spear which lead to the design of the spear which can be propelled mechanically. With time and gradual evolution, the [...]

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Hunting with a Crossbow – Terms and Advice

A Crossbow is a weapon that can be really interesting and easy for you to use if you are really good with firing a bow or rifle. There are certain things that you need to know prior to trying with this weapon. It is a great companion for all those who love hunting. When you [...]

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A Brief History Of The Crossbow

Crossbows are known for their elegant design and powerful ability to shoot arrows at a distance. They are mostly used for hunting and in sports. One amazing thing is that the original motive of developing the crossbow is very different from how it is used at the moment. Here is a look the history of [...]

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Fishing With a Vertical Bow VS Fishing With A Crossbow

Bowfishing has really become popular in the past five years due to the increase in awareness of invasive fish species.  Fishing with a crossbow is a great way to get the fish out of our waterways while allowing for some great fun.  You just want to ensure that you have the right bowfishing or crossbow [...]

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Crossbow Hunting Laws and Regulations in Texas

The crossbow hunting regulations in Texas can be a little tricky if you are reading them for the first time.  Luckily for you, we have done our research and can provide you with the answers that you need before you go out and get yourself in trouble. All licensed hunters are permitted to hunt with [...]

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